Kirimurê Brasil is a company that operates in the area of accessories and semi jewelry in
world of fashion, creating products with the highest standard in quality,
sophistication and beauty. To add value to our customers' products, we have
as a differential the development of personalized and exclusive products and
We are constantly updating ourselves to meet the needs of each
customer, regardless of the market in which it operates.
We continually search for innovation and today we serve both the national market and the
like all of Mercosur.

handmade with love


It is our duty to always have transparency, honesty and attitude in order to always be the difference in quality in everything we do in relation to our customers, employees and suppliers.

Vision and Mission

Develop innovative products and services, meeting the needs of our customers, generating profit, social development and sustainability.

Be a reference, transforming ideas and inspirations into highly valued products and being among the best companies to work for


• Concept
• Quality
• Confidence
• Professionalism